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Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Shadow Guard

After recieving a large number of old (I prefer 'classic' considering how well sculpted some of them were) models from a fellow Games Workshop Hobbyist my Dad carefully cleaned the models and replaced any parts that were too badly damaged to be reused. This also gave him the opportunity to include some weapons that these models were certainly not supplied with but in both his and my own opinion have added to the character of the models. Below is a selection of individual piece shot's as well as some back story as to what 'character' they now represent as well as how they were modified and painted.

All of the models in this army have a unique variation of a colour scheme my dad created in order to ensure that his army did not look like an existing chapter of Space Marines. Utilising the citadel foundation paints Iyanden darksun and Calthan brown he has created a striking contrast that is made complete with the addition of smooth neutral tones such as bleached bone on the models hood and interior robes and sharp colours such as blood red on their purity seals.
Some of you may have noticed the sepia brown lines that help frame and differentiate the colours of the shoulder pad, at the time of painting my dad was unsure how effective they would be but as demonstrated in these photograph it helps hone the edging into a tidy straight line.

Name: The Forgotten Guardian
 This models banner has a unique origin story of it's own, although I am a great fan of 40k I collect a large array of fantasy armies and as such own bitz and pieces from unusual places. The banner is infact from a warriors of chaos set that has had the chaos icon from the top removed and replaced by an imperial aquila. It's design (now the standard for my Dad's army ' The Brotherhood of the Forgotten') is a freehand painted copy of a banner found in the undead army book of 1994! (keep ahold of those old books people they make great resource material). Aside from The Forgotten Guardians banner he also bears a unique shoulder pad different from all the other models in this unit (I'll try to get a better photo of it in future posts).
Name: Leotrinites The Zealot
This model is the first of the five ‘Fighting Shadows’ that all have similar body poses. Always striving to make something unique my dad dug deep into his own bitz box and found an unused terminator arm with a cool symbol on it (that is in fact quite prevalent on his other models). Undeterred by the difficulty in resculpting it to make it fit he created a bespoke special weapon for this model to go with its blood angel power sword painted in a fantastic looking dull bronze (again with the hideous iconography shaved off and replaced, sorry any blood angels fans but you won’t see much love from me!).

Name: Venoxsis The Resolute
Using a beefier bolt gun and a Black Templar’s sword Venoxis is set out in a typical ‘come an ‘ave a go’ pose as described by my dad but also this model is firing in one direction and observing his next foe in another indicating that he is being attacked from all sides. However there’s no doubt he will come out the victor (you don’t chain yourself to a sword unless you have some serious ass kickin’ to do!).
Name: Deimoset The Devout
Similar to Venoxsis; Deimoset is armed with a Blood Angels power sword (Euck!) and an old version of the bolt pistol. Worthy of note is the red colour scheme on all of the gun’s which is a small homage to the way in which the models previous owner painted his bolt guns.

Name: Aergatz The Restless
The youngest of the unit Aergatz was taunt the principles of the brotherhood by Duthorian, although Duthorian would like to believe that Aergatz is not as headstrong as he once was, Aergatz is still eager to hunt down the dark forces of chaos. Thankfully this model show’s him with his 'Beefy bolter' at rest merely directing other marines with his sword.

Name: Duthorian The Wise
In an effort to reflect the personality of the character this model is trying to represent both weapons are shown at rest as the model is surveying the battlefield attempting to understand the psychology of his foe, his counterpart is similar but in a slightly more energetic pose. Unfortunately his individual photo was damaged but he is the furthest to the left on this group photo (he's my favourite of this unit of models, whereas for those interested in knowing Leotrinites is my Dad's.)

Below is a number of alternative angles for the group shot's showing the models in various formations.

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