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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Orc Raider with Pig Display Model

Occasionally me and my Dad enter local painting competitions as they give us both an incentive and a reason to paint models we wouldn't ordinarily bother with. It's something I'd encourage any hobbyist to do as we often get stuck in a rut and tend not to deviate too far from our hobby comfort zone.

The best way to describe that is mastering a particularly easy but extremely effective technique and then applying it to everything in liberal amounts. Dry brushing is often quoted as a clear sign of this behaviour, although the technique is still utilized even by professional painters, the mark of any beginner after mastering this technique is you will find them attempting to dry brush areas of the model that don't have texture and instead make surfaces look dusty or dry. This is terrible if the surface happens to be skin or something more unusual like a candle flame as these surfaces need to look organic and alive as well as convey a sense of motion, a dusty dry surface indicates to the viewer that the object hasn't moved for some time or is dead.

Last month (January) we were challenged to paint an Orc Raider with Pig which can be found here.
All models selected for the local competitions have to be a) Unusable in the Warhammer or Warhammer 40k games (or at the very least not have any direct rules intended for it even if you can use it as a stand in for something else) and b) Cost less than £10, this is to ensure that as many people as possible can afford to participate.

Both rules exist predominantly because the previous winner gets to choose the next model and gets that model for free, as such it wouldn't be fair for the other contestants if they ended up buying a model that the previous winner picked just to finish his army off and could'nt really care about entering or they already have a nicely painted one of the model they've just picked that they could enter.

Rules aside here's what we came up with:

 Your welcome to guess which model out of mine and my dad's eventually won (Huh...I still think mines better...) Either way this model to the left is mind and I painted the orc flesh on this model the same way I paint the flesh on my ork nobz in order to give him a bit of age and character. After all, this is unlikely to be the first pig he's stolen.
 The leather backpack on the rear was painted inititally with snakebite leather with the stiching in graveyard earth, it was then washed entirely in old Flesh wash in order to make it a bit battered as well as add depth. I use Flesh Wash for all sorts of things and I am really annoyed that it is no longer produced.
 This model is my Dad's who attempted a more vibrant style even though their are many similarities. For this model I taught him how to stipple the rust on the helmet which in the long run came out better than my own.

His pig was originally painted in a skin colour that he mixed up to immitate the way 'eavy metal had painted it however it came out purple for some reason so until the pig was repainted it was nicknamed Trevor the Cosmic Pig. My Dad still insists he should have left it like that.

For this month (Febuary) my model is still on display at the store (Chaos Space Marine Terminator Champion. )so when I take the March model in for judgeing (The Chase ) I'll get you guy's some photo's.

Hopefully this post will encourage you to have a crack at painting a few choice models from armies that you don't play in order to practice techniques that you wouldn't ordinarily use.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Aenetticus The Winged Harbinger - Complete

 My High elf Mage-Lord Aenneticus The Winged Harbinger, is finally complete. Armed with the Sword of Gold Veins and the Horn of Stars Fury he will smite the wretched and cleanse the vile, as well as look totally badass.
 His Torso, head and leg's all come from a standard lord on foot kit however his arms come from a high elf dragon lord and his base from a high elf mage on foot. The wings on his back were originally intended for a high elf lords helmet however I decided that they look fair more impressive on his back.
The model for now is complete to a tabletop standard but I am likely to revisit it in order to tidy up his arms, complete his gems and highlight his face.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Brotherhood of the Forgotten Chapter Fiction - 'Hunting Dark Revelations'

When my dad started playing Space marines he enjoyed the back grounds of existing chapters but felt that having the attributes and personalities of a group predetermined ment that he was working too much to almost a checklist and he wanted to be more dynamic and form his own personalities within an army feeling that after all the most populer chapters tend to be ones that deviate from expectation anyway. With that in mind I asked him to give me some general characteristics that his chapter should have. After several conversations I started to write a story in order to encapsulate the themes that we discussed.

A word of warning to any readers, I'm unfortunately rather erratic in my writing style in that I come up with events, write stories around those events and then work back and forth through the smaller stories i've written in order to fill in any blanks. This means a lot of my stories seem to start in the middle or atleast feel that way to the reader.

The Origins of 'The Dark Revelation' for example need to be written about. The general structure of the chapter post reformation as a new entity and how it differs from other chapters. Severin Ishaals opinions and views of the events pre chapter split as well as other major characters all need further info. But I'll work on that...promise.

In short the story below is far from complete and I'm just trying to get some opinions as to how my writing style could be developed, if people like the direction of the story and if their's things I could make clearer or easier to understand.

Chapter 1
An elderly figured wrapped in a ragged cloak that was dirty and stained with age breathed heavily as maddened words forced their way past his lips. His form cast a shadow in an eerie metal chamber, a room among countless others aboard the ancient Hulk ‘The Spire of Dark revelation’. It had earnt its title as its surface had been caressed by the flowing energies of the warp for countless aeons honing it into a smooth twisted spike, impossible to comprehend as a functional vehicle anymore it wandered the stars evading it’s unceasing pursuant ‘The Brotherhood of The Forgotten’. However it’s crew striked often and cut deep, fighting a horrific war of nerves as no side could possibly risk open conflict and be mutually annihilated.
“Child, I have nothing to tell you that you don’t already know, I’m compelled to think that you like everyone else on this ship believes I’m a rambling warped and pitiful example of the dark god’s whim with no secrets to long lost fonts of power or anything of the sort. Yet you still listen... why is that?”
A chaos space marine of waning attention listened to the babblings of this living relic but not out of respect but because he wanted to satisfy his insatiable lust for power and this aged creature knew things other men could not possibly comprehend, although he very rarely admitted it. The bitter old sorcerer knew perfectly well his guests intent but it had been many years since his philosophy of understanding the ways of the dark god’s of chaos instead of just worshipping them was listened to even if only half heartedly. He knew that his time was short and that the two way mirror that stands between this world and the next was to break and rip his soul into the darkness of the warp. The actions of others were now irrelevant to him and now just like the day he fell from the emperor’s grace, he cared more for his own life than anything else and was determined to prove his worthiness yet again to the dark powers that dwelled in the warp before it was taken from him.
In a vain attempt to fake interest in what the sorcerer had to say the chaos space marine passed over a ship sensor report and tried to strike up a conversation.
“Not long ago did we pass a planet with a negligible technological presence on it. Our navigators were confused to say the least, the planet for the most part is arctic tundra completely devoid of any natural life, and although geothermal activity did slightly disrupt our sensors we were certain that if anything did live down there it was not going to for much longer. In terms of any tactical advantage the planet is far from any other world that the races we know of call home, our pursuant will unfortunately not pay it any attention, there sensory equipment is more dilapidated than our own.”
The aged sorcerer wiped sweat from his wrinkled forehead and arched his fingers.
“Did you not come across anything beneficial to us at all then?”
Shaking his head the marine continued to speak.
“We sent down a search probe in order to provide a distraction for The Brotherhood if they manage to repair their sensors in time for passing the planet, however our presence on the planet resulted in an altercation with the local populace, thankfully they were ill-equipped to handle the probes defensive capabilities and fled back into the ice caves, when we arrived to assess the situation and repair the probe we came across a mysterious podium surrounded by metallic runes, at the time we believed it to be some sort of religious meeting place for the natives that live on the planet. Needless to say it was quickly desecrated and prevented from functioning in whatever way it was originally intended to.”
Stumbling to his feet the sorcerer winced and his eyes widened. His guest watched as he shuffled slowly, limping towards a sealed metal crate, punching in a code the sorcerer plunged his arms into the ensuing cryogenic fog, clenching his hands he turned swiftly and slammed an aged piece of metal armour on to his table.
“Long has it been since I wore this child and yet I still toil to preserve it, even if I am to never wear it again. I remember when chaos was a force we were unaware of much less understood”
Intrigued the marine stared at the markings on the surface of the armour.
“It looks remarkably similar to our own; the only difference is the colour.”
The sorcerer grinned knowing full well the thoughts he had set in motion inside the mind of his guest.
“Are we so different from them? They feel the need to walk a so called higher path but it is a path no less bloody... but it is a path to be respected, unlike our own... ours is one of depravity and sickness...”
The Sorcerers marine guest narrowed his eyes and raised himself to his full height.
“The Astartes worship a husk! His thoughts are as unknowable as the stars themselves but they still wish to serve him and to what end? They will kneel before the dark god’s as we do in time; there is no release from there all encompassing grasp and our so called ‘righteous brothers’ will learn this.”
“Do not take me for a fool Farensi! The dark god’s have gifted me little in my service but the one thing they did ensure is that I knew them well.”
“You are lucky you have not outlived your usefulness to us old man...”
The marine turned away as the sorcerer scowled before lifting a great tome of knowledge from his work table.
“When you see Xenos you should think ‘tool’ not ‘corpse’ as all things have their uses.”
“What are you saying?”
Turning quickly to face the aged sorcerer the apprentice soon noticed that he looked brighter than usual.
“It is from an old text written by Severin Ishaal. Long ago he was a well respected leader and was the most decorated of our chapter, the imperium was ignorant of his teachings and believed the text to be merely the ramblings of a traitor, but they were wrong and I myself feel that we took the wrong path, Severin and his co-conspirators sought to end our Dark Primarch out of admiration and respect, not treachery, perhaps my young friend you should reconsider your position.”
For as long as the marine had known the aged and twisted creature that stood before him he had not seen it smile, but something new, or at least long receded stirred and roared to life within it.
“What are you saying? The dark god’s will not tolerate your deliberations, either way what makes you certain that the remnants of your chapter would hold back their wrath for you? They would kill you all the same, they have learnt well the stench of taint and you are nothing but filth to them”
The Sorcerer cracked his knuckles and stood up to meet his guests gaze, pointing his finger with no concern or fear on his face he shouted.
“I am filth? I AM FILTH? Child you know not who you speak to! I am The Sorcerer Aenest K’seth and without me this chapter would not be alive!”
Grasping firm the idol of his faith Farensi pushed the sorcerer to his feet and laughed at his weakness.
Aenest closed his eyes and cast his mind far back into memory; regurgitating long lost knowledge he began to speak with the fury of a man much his younger, spit flecs erupted from his mouth and Farensi gazed on, enthralled.
“When I served the false Emperor of man I served with the fraudulent zeal of a young man filled with self-righteous indignation, no one was my equal for I was Astartes, a warrior god incarnate and entombed in armour, soon I noticed the flaws of man as I lived in the shadow of power, glory and veneration. I no longer fought for the emperor; I fought for myself just as you do now. I, like many others, spiralled downward only to be greeted by smiling faces... and fanged maws. It was not long before our primarch was betrayed by his most trusted friends in the belief that his strange decisions and rapid shifts in personality were surely the signs of taint and they were right. In the time that our primarch usually spent resting; Severin Ishaal and his fighting shadows swarmed in, quick and relentless they scoured his room but he had already left; forewarned by friends who had heard the whispers of Slaanesh he ensured that the tables were to be harshly turned, were it not for the distractions of the Dark Eldar they surely would not have escaped.”
Pacing the room the chaos space marine was urged to sit by the sorcerer, confused and restless he leant against the wall of the chamber and wiped his brow.
“Speak! I must know more...”
Nodding his head the sorcerer grinned and continued his story of the past whilst pulling himself to his feet.
“The Blood Angels had long harboured a grudge against us ‘The Burning Blades’ as we were once known. Many times we came to fight but never war as even then they knew that our primarch was poised to fall and they were merely waiting for their time to strike. Having heard of the betrayal of Jovian by his most trusted friend and unsure of whom to trust they took their case to the inquisition. Knowing that the seeds of hate would ensure their honesty and devotion to the task at hand the inquisition designated The Blood Angels judge, jury and eventual executioner deciding that even the faithful ones could still be turned to chaos if they were left undealt with. Having no alternative we took our remaining ships and fled with our Primarch Jovian, leaving many of our brothers to their own ends before the Blood Angels had the chance to strike. I saw a noble man turn ravenous that day as Jovian prayed to all who would listen to spare his chapter, his fall into chaos was now complete as the dark mind of Slaanesh shouted the twisted thoughts that he shared with us that day, lithe and sinister, resolute and defiant ‘I’ve looked into your eyes and I have seen what lies beneath’ darkness had consumed Jovian and he was cursed to see knives in the shadows wherever he went.”
Farensi stepped forward and clenched his fist; he forced it to his side and spoke.
“What became of the emperor’s lapdogs? How did they evade the pathetic Blood Angels or the touch of Slaanesh?”
“Time and preparation child, Unknown to me and my fellow seers we were not the only ones with eyes for the events that were to pass and they refused to sit idle and watch us work, although they made life difficult for us their inexperience was their downfall as I had seen the failure of Severin in many ways, his success was an impossible outcome as far as I could divulge. The faithful following the guidance of their Commander El Mieros, fled to far off worlds in the hope that Severin Ishaal and his ‘fighting shadows’ would put an end to the madness that had gripped a hold of Jovian. The Blood Angels insist that those who did not escape into the warp as we did perished in time without guidance or purpose they threw their selves at foe’s many times their greater. However many brothers wandered the rim for millennia in search of Severin, untainted and defiant. The Imperium may have turned its back on them but they still fought in its name. If they ever found Severin I do not know but he was not the traitor in all of this and they will follow his last message to the bitter end; ‘Purge the Heretic!’.”
The marine began to panic, disturbed by Aenest’s words he lunged forward at the sorcerer’s throat. Gently flicking his fingers outward Aenest created a barrier of energy blocking the marine’s path and knocking him to the floor.
“Child now is the time of your redemption and instead you seek to take my life? I have not lost my mind and I’m not a mangy dog that needs to be mercifully ended. Meet The Forgotten when they next land to search for resources, they should be passing the planet that you mentioned soon enough, modify the probe to give out a more powerful energy reading so it can get through the volcanic activity, give them a reason to stop”
Picking himself up off of the floor the marine rubbed his neck and shouted rage filled words;
“Why would they listen to me? How do you know they won’t just kill me on sight? ”
The Sorcerer strained his brow, deep in concentration his mind wandered desperate for a solution.
“Take my armour, it is as pristine as the day it was made, it might be enough to hold back their weapons, tell them you are an escaped prisoner. I can’t say they’ll believe you but they will let you speak, use your words well and become one of them, my intent will become clear to you in time...”

Chapter 2
Eranos had fought long and hard alongside men he had come to know as brothers. Using ships from millennia past ‘The Brotherhood of the Forgotten’ travelled ever nearer to their eternal foe; unsure of technology and power available to the now ‘Blackened Sabres’, they always ensured that their arrival would not be well announced. Eranos like many others was merely a space marine abandoned to die on a tainted world that by either fate or lucky coincidence was rescued by the Brotherhood and instructed on their principles and wisdom by ‘The Forgotten Guardian and his Fighting Shadows’ or as the rank and file refer to them ‘The Shadow Guardians’.
The Brotherhood of The Forgotten did not always fight beneath that name, after the Horus heresy the loyalty of many chapters was tested, however The Burning Blades did not fall from grace at that time although it’s effects resonated well within the chapter and in fact its demise came from a battle on the inside. Its primarch ‘Jovian Drhal’ had elevated his most trusted friend; Commander Severin Ishaal to his side only to have his actions questioned at every turn by him, but for good reason. Jovian had grown restless and over eager to spill blood on the fields of battle, too often did he instruct his men to dive head first into horrific blood baths against creatures with little means of defending their selves, Severin was certain that his friend had succumbed to the taint and his actions would later forge the paths of many lives over years of conflict. Eranos had been taught that what lurked within the oldest members of the brotherhood was both a blessing and a curse as they like their Primarch of ages past must fight the temptations of chaos or surely they would succumb to it just like he did, however this blackened gene seed within them gave them great knowledge of the creatures of the warp and kept them mindful of the ways of chaos and how it could be best avoided. Thankfully his gene seed was that of an Imperial fist however this ensured that he was never to be fully embraced by his new found chapter as he did not understand their strange drives and motivations. Bearing that in mind his first mission made him nervous and uneasy as it was determined to be a wise course of action to place him in command in the belief that it would ensure his loyalty.
A desolate ice world, it lacked any sort of resources or scientific interest, normally The Brotherhood would not commit their limited manpower to investigating such a place; however sensors had detected a minor sophisticated power generation unit emanating from the planet’s surface. Even though it was likely to be just an abandoned probe The Brotherhood decided that the opportunity of harvesting vital resources and intelligence on what sort of technology The Blackened Sabres had available to them was too great to ignore and as such sent down a scout party.
Removing a small device from his pocket Eranos rubbed its screen clear of any dirt and began to dictate to a small vox opening on its surface.
“It has been many days now since we were deployed to investigate the energy readings on this Barren arctic planet, food and fuel is running low and the cold is starting to grind our scout team down, we are heading in the right direction according to our sensor equipment but I doubt we’ll be capable of a return trip, if any long range communication equipment got left behind near the power source we are investigating and it still actually functions we might just get a response, however with the recent volcanic activity near our evacuation point it might be wise to split up and have team two find a safer evac zone “
Placing his device into his pocket, he continued to stumble ever onward into the snow. Gesturing for his team to follow he clutched his bolter firmly to his chest.
Subtle whispers wandered softly through the air as the winds embraced them. Adjusting the vision setting on his helmet display he noticed what he believed to be a small Eldar amulet resting in the snow, rubbing it in his hands it began to flicker casting an odd shadow in his cupped palms. Throwing it to the floor, he shielded his face. Having been wounded before by the possessions of fallen Eldar he was right to be wary. Instead of exploding the amulet hummed and casted out projections of unusual glyphs and runes, unlike anything Eranos had seen before he starred onward in amazement.
Humming ever louder the amulet sunk into the snow, steam rising from its resting place. The ground began to shake uncontrollably. The thick snow flowed from beneath him; stepping backwards the snow began to cascade into a widening chasm forcing him to leap, diving to the floor he breathed deeply and clutched his chest.
“Stay back! We don’t know what this thing is capable of.”
Slowly a structure of wondrous ethereal beauty, carved from stone and crystal it arose ponderously from the depths. Damaged and corrupted by wicked chaos symbols the structure, whatever it used to be, was now incapable of performing its intended task. Glistening white earth flowed from cracks and fell from ledges; a disturbing glow flickered in the dark as it broke through the aged layers of dirt and ice.
Cascading wisps of silver flew through the air, weaving intricate almost uniform patterns. Moving with incredible speed they washed over Eranos like a harsh wind that nipped his skin. Crippled, he could not move. Or speak. Only fall to the ground and writhe, his blood flowing into intricate shapes in the snow. A bright light shone into his eyes forcing him to recoil in agony. A cold harsh tone rang outward that gave no illusion of subtlety, forcing Eranos’ scout party to grasp their ears to shield them from the noise....

Well that's all I've got so far, I do have an ending but it's the gap between at the moment but ye i'll let you guy's think about it.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Classic Metal Dreadnought & 'Shining Vendetta' Chrome Painted Terminator Squad

Although typically we don't consider a model complete until it's based I feel it's time to do another picture update as a lot of our models are near to completion and they look nice on the blog.

 This metal Dreadnought from 1993 is one of my dad's more recent projects and probably the most interesting. This thing weighs an absolute ton and although some would argue that the plastic kit is superior due to the opportunities for modification but you can't beat a model that you could tie to the end of a stick and use as a mace.
 Since my Dad's army uses mostly earth tones he decided to keep the dreadnought a relativly dark metalic colour. Oddly enough this bronze spray more closely matches the Vallejo copper paint than any brand of bronze paint we've been able to aquire.
 Apart from some mild tarnishing the model was easy to clean if not a little bit time consuming. Still it's worth pointing out that for a model that is now 18 years old it was a lot better off than could be expected of other models of the same age.
 Speaking of old models these metal terminators were again gifted to us by a fellow hobbyist around christmas time and after much scrubbing and cleaning have reached this state.
 For the most part they are complete and also demonstrate yet again the fantastic range of spray paints that Humbrol produce, it's unfortunate that Games Workshop don't produce their own spray paints these days as they were easily of the same quality if not better because you could ask for a can of paint that was the exact colour of the one you brush on.
 Another demonstration of my dad's free hand banner painting skills this model also has a classic storm shield which has a unique charm that the newer ones, although cool, unfortunately lack.
 At the moment my Dad is unsure if he should paint the head of this model to match the others as he feels that something should mark it out as different as if the missile launchers on it's back weren't enough!

 Power weapons are always difficult to get right but on this model the claws were painted in chrome and then washed with asurmen blue, they might recieve a coat of gloss later but it's likely they'll stay as they are.
 In order to add additional colour to the models my dad attached various purity seals, tags and scrools on certain parts of the model that also mark them out as superior to that of the other terminators in The Brotherhood of The Forgotten.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fantasy Army Lists

I admit I'm not that great at writing army lists, which is why my Dwarves, Goblins, Necrons... I'll stop there, don't actually have one yet. The armies that I do have army lists for will be printed below but first some army backgrounds.

My High Elves were the first fantasy army I got and although I've found the models extremely challenging to paint compared to the rest of the things I have they are an extremely fun army to play with. Tactically speaking I'm not fond of horde armies, my Goblins exist purely because I like their theme but in terms of how they play I never could get comfortable with the mindset that my guy's will die in droves, but when you strike back you literally grab a plastic bag full of dice and cut it open with a knife whilst it's suspended over the table. Don't get me wrong they still require tactics (as do all armies) but I like my elite infantry forces as every loss is meaningful and I think more tactically when I keep that in mind. I find with my goblins I get careless thinking theirs plenty more where that came from then suddenly there isn't.

My High elves are led by the courageous Prince Illyanas 'The Dawns Blade' riding his griffon Arimaspi (Who's name originally belonged to a tribe from ancient Scythia who in mythology would steal the golden nests of griffons),  the wise Battle Mage Aenetticus 'The Winged Harbinger' who when captured by the Dark Elves was gifted by the god Aenarion with great golden wings and a horn that if blowed on would breath fire at the twisted and corrupt and finally the noble hero Ceridian 'The Sand Watcher' who discovered the hour glass of fate, a rare artifact that is filled with sand that never stops flowing unless the lives of those who treasure it are close to ending.

High Elf Army List
Prince Illianas ‘The Dawns Hammer’
Prince with lance, Dragon armour and Talisman of Loec, riding a Griffon.
375 points
Aenetticus the Winged Harbinger
Level 2 High Elf Mage.
135 points
Ceridian the Sand Watcher
Battle Standard Bearer (In this case The Hourglass of Fate) with Dragon armour, riding a barded Elven steed.
135 points

The Lothernian 2nd Reserve
20 Lothern Sea Guard with musician, standard bearer and Sea Master.
265 points
The Flying Thorns
10 Archers.
110 points
The Sky Crystals
10 Archers.
110 points
The Fire Spitters
10 Archers.
110 points

The Riders of The Storm
5 Ellyrian Reavers with bows.
105 points
The Wielders of Sharpened Light
14 Sword Masters with musician, standard bearer and Bladelord with Amulet of Light.
255 points
The Mountain Watchers
5 Dragon Princes of Caledor with musician, standard bearer and Drakemaster.
200 points

Eagle Claws
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers.
200 points

Total:  2000 POINTS

My Empire army list is a little more basic in it's presentation as at the time I just wanted to get my thoughts typed up on to a word document, it's clarity is still perfect it's just not as pretty. In terms of armies most of mine are built around whatever models I could acquire cheap with a theme added on later for fun. This list occurred the other way around as I had firmly in my head the Theme of the army after I saw the Marco Columbo Model over at CoolMiniOrNot.com. After that I merely browsed around for models that I could easily modify and paint up in a Spanish explorer colour scheme as well as suitable parts for customisation.

As you have probably guessed by now the army is led by the charismatic explorer Marco Columbo who unlike his country men could never see eye to eye with horses and instead learnt to be mobile on foot and providing he is aware of the terrain in front of him, can easily get around quicker than a cavalry man could in the jungles of Lustria. Jeremiah Wilkins was asked to accompany the expedition and leave his work in Mordheim in order to raise the morale of the expeditions rank and file with his enthralling rhetoric. Finally Marco recognised in his earlier expedition that it is wise to bring along a familiar face and a man of the people, although he is often described as charming his wit and sophistication would only get him so far when commanding 20 mosquito bitten men who are facing starvation and being attacked by wild animals. Instead of commanding the expedition alone he brought along his trusted friend Captain Caliente Hortez who as well as being an effective leader is also an excellent tactician, which is always handy if the natives don't respond to diplomacy.

Lords and Hero's
Marco Culumbo (Captain of the Empire) – 74 points
·         Full Plate Armour
·         Shield
·         Barded Warhorse (I’m going to make a Native guide or some piece of scenery to fill out a cavalry base as Marco only comes on foot, that or pick a useful magic item for him instead)

Missionary Jeremiah Wilkins (Warrior Priest) - 98
·         Additional Hand Weapon
·         Heavy Armour

Captain Caliente Hortez (Captain of The Empire) - 74
·         Full Plate Armour
·         Shield
·         Barded Warhorse

Core Units –
Pirazzo’s Lost Legion - 120
·         Pirazzo (Sergeant)
·         19 Spearmen
·         Shields
·         Standard Bearer
·         Musician

Pirazzo’s Musketeer Detachment - 80
·         10 Handgunners

Bernardo & His Courageous Spearmen - 120
·         Sergeant Bernardo Tribiarni
·         19 Spearmen
·         Shields
·         Standard Bearer
·         Musician

Bernardo’s Arquebusier’s Detachment - 80
·         10 Handgunners

Jacinto Marichi’s Rodeleros - 139
·         Sergeant Jacinto Marichi
·         18 Swordsmen
·         Shields
·         Standard Bearer
·         Musician

Tobaroan Conquistadors - 362
·         Preceptor Juan Casiadore
·         14 Conquistadors (Knights)
·         Standard Bearer
·         Musician

Special Units
Rodrigoes’ Rapid Pistoliers - 90
·         Rodrigoe
·         4 Pistoliers

‘The Dying Sun’ - 100
·         Great Cannon

‘The Gold Rush’ - 100
·         Great Cannon

Total Points Cost – 1,513