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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Aenetticus The Winged Harbinger - Complete

 My High elf Mage-Lord Aenneticus The Winged Harbinger, is finally complete. Armed with the Sword of Gold Veins and the Horn of Stars Fury he will smite the wretched and cleanse the vile, as well as look totally badass.
 His Torso, head and leg's all come from a standard lord on foot kit however his arms come from a high elf dragon lord and his base from a high elf mage on foot. The wings on his back were originally intended for a high elf lords helmet however I decided that they look fair more impressive on his back.
The model for now is complete to a tabletop standard but I am likely to revisit it in order to tidy up his arms, complete his gems and highlight his face.

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