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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brotherhood of the Forgotten Unit's and Characters Continued - Updated 2/2/11

Manpower even in the future is a neccesary evil, after all what reasons have machines to march to war? (oh wait... never mind). Brotherhood marines are typically trained to be excellent close combat troops however that does'nt mean they don't utilize ranged weaponry but more that ranged weaponry requires either a high quality power source or ammunition, neither of which they have plentiful stocks of and as such they are more inclined to hold it in reserve.

 The Brotherhood's unit of veteran assault marines armed with an assortment of close combat weaponry and defensive equipment. The keen eyed of you have probably noticed that all the models with shields actually have bolt pistols behind the shields demonstrating The Brotherhood's stance of don't shoot if you don't have to but don't deprive yourself of the capability.
 Because of the heroic leaping pose of the chaplain model my dad decided to carefully drill holes large enough to allow him to mount his Marines on flying stands so that the unit was consistant. At first we were worried that they might be unstable but they have proved quite sturdy and have'nt fallen over once whilst being on display. Although they have been dropped enough times in the process of painting them.

Name: Dionys The Profound
Originally my Dad intended to paint this model black in order to match the scheme that most other chaplains have, however he felt that such a dark colour looked out of place so he changed it to chainmail, although he looks a little unorthodox I feel that it's quite effective. Although Dionys is not a member of the Shadow Guard he commands just as much respect (or fear in the case of Guardsmen) as a Fighting Shadow would. Dionys' ability for detecting the taint is what ultimately lead him to warn El Mieros of their Primarchs fall to chaos giving him time to gather the faithful and urge them to flee whilst Severin Ishaal could attempt to take Jovians life.
 The Brotherhood always attempts to strike hard and fast at the very centre of an enemy offensive or to even completely avoid confrontation altogether and attack any potentially hostile forces at the very heart of their command. Using vast amounts of intel gathered during recconaisance missions The Brotherhood tactically deploys it's signature unit of assault marines 'The Dawn Fliers' into the fray taking out key individuals and heavy weapons teams.

The need to end conflicts quickly stems from their strong desire to continue their pursuit of the dreaded hulk, 'The Spire of Dark Revelation' the signature ship of their fallen brothers before they yet again escape into the warp. 

Name: Captain Felsen Diamant
Originally an Elysian drop trooper Felsen quickly proved his worth to The Brotherhood and earnt his right to be a space marine. During an unexpected attack by chaos space marines on the forest world of Haephestus Captain Felsen was forced into using his grav chute to blast a Black legion Raptor from the side of his Valkyrie only to realise that although he had bought his allies time to escape the crashing vehicle he was no longer capable of doing so. Instead rather than ride with the crashing Valkyrie to its natural conclusion he ripped a seat from the floor and survived a 20,000 foot fall strapped on to it and survived many days in humid dense jungle until he was rescued by a scout party who themselves became space marines that day for their daring mission to recover the crashed aircraft and it's crew.

Name: Captain Adonicus Trevois
Leader of the highly prized devastator team Adonicus is a hero of legend, known for defending a long lost Human colony from the Hordes of Tzeentch by merely planting a standard into the ground and saying to his fellow battle brothers “No one dies today until I do!” The Model that represents him contains parts from numerous sources creating an incredibly evocative piece, the shield bearing a skull with laurel leaf has become the adopted symbol for The Brotherhood as many other models in the army bear it as well.

 Devastator squad's are a rarely used but highly effective method of war. usually only deployed when The Brotherhood encounters powerful daemons or Blackened Sabre heavy weapons (of which there are few to worry about but are still rightly despised). This model kit comes supplied with 2 servo skulls that my dad has attached to appropriate models using small gauge fuse wire and a little super glue in order to add a little bit more character to them.

Shadow grey is not typically a colour one would think of for painting terminator head's and until we tried 5 different other colours neither did we. As you can just about see one of the terminators very late in the process ended up with a bronze head and we decided to leave it. Our excus... reason for leaving it is aside from looking good many of the members of The Brotherhood now were not always members, and so it stands to reason that some inductees would decorate their armour differently out of sentimentality for the past.

This picture helps demonstrate the effective basing scheme my dad has chosen using small pieces of building rubble, patches of static grass and spent ammo he makes it look like a wasteland that previously supported life but is now being stripped for supplies by The Brotherhood. Unusually enough, terminator armour although typically uncommon is infact plentiful and although it is nowhere near as common as standard space marine armour it is a normal sight to see it being used on the field of battle when The Brotherhood goes to war. Guardsman have been known to attribute it's prevalance to the large number of dead terminators that have been found in passing space hulks but these rumours are quickly squashed, after all honourable marines don't loot from the dead.

Name: Sergeant Eranos Anadi
Sent out to collect a rare artefact for the imperial fists, Eranos and his unit of freshly trained marines were intercepted by chaos space marines of the black legion; callously leading the small cruiser to a black hole the black legion narrowly escaped its pull. Unfortunately Eranos urged on by his headstrong comrades was sucked into an eager abyss in an attempt to pursue them. Awaiting his doom Eranos awoke to find his allies dead or dying, with no idea of where he was he sent out a general distress call and either fate or lucky coincidence delivered him The Brotherhood of The Forgotten. With his life now in debt he swore a new oath to aid the forgotten warrior’s of the once proud Burning Blades in their quest to regain their former glory.

Name: El Mieros ‘The Eagle’

Respected by even The Forgotten Guardian ‘The Eagle’ is a tactical genius. When alerted to the presence of the taint in his chapter Primarch by the well respected Chaplain Dionys he gathered up the faithful marines and told them to flee to barren worlds far from any other chapter that could mistake them for their cursed brethren. He believed they would meet again at a safe rendezvous point and track down their new Chapter regent Severin Ishaal who over time became known as The Forgotten Guardian and then seek redemption in the eyes of the emperor.

 It's never wise to overlook the strength and power that the standard rank and file marine exherts when he is on the battle field. Although the brotherhood relies upon the strength of its specialist troops and heroic leadership to survive in relativly inhospitable environments, the space marine on the ground will keep such environments secure whilst resources and equipment are extracted..
 These models were some of the first my dad painted and although in the flesh (or plastic anyway) it's noticeable that they have a few mold slips or minor smudges they are consistantly striking and well co-ordinated models, each bearing it's own marks and colour variations so that they are'nt an amorphous blob. Each space marine is as vital as the next as each has the potential to be great hero's of men.
 Yes we know the show is two and a half men and it sucks but we could'nt find the remote to change the channal when we were taking these pictures and decided "meh, screw it" and took them anyway.
 As previously mentioned The Brotherhood values their scouts as highly as any other marines. This unit 'The Iron Sights' is a well equipped and battle proven team that escorts Eranos on his first mission. Having previously worked in a cell structure with each member of the team relying on another as an equal, being forced to function in a hierarchical structure causes them to be anxious and distrusting of Eranos' actions.
My dad is a fan of the new plastic scout models however he fondly remembers painting the metal ones when he first got into the hobby and after finding them on ebay he just had to have them, especially now that he does'nt have to paint them in icky Blood Angels colours because of my nagging brother!
Although these models still contain small amounts of iyanden darksun they introduce a new scheme colour; Bleached Bone. We decided at the time that the yellow was unsuitable for both cloth and scouts as although it was a dull yellow it was still too vibrant meaning that the scouts would likely give away their location to the enemy.

Name: Techmarine Adraunicus
Adraunicus and his team of servitors is an extremely valued and specialised unit, capable of repairing the most horrific of damage to vehicles and equipment they have also over time learnt methods of modifying existing equipment to work in ways other than intended.

Even though one of the new foundation paint colours is called Mechrite Red we decided to go with the original recommendation on the back of the box of Red Gore and just build it up in coats in order to achieve the typical Adeptus Mechanicus red. Also you might notice that this model, like a few others, has small areas painted in scorpion green which we often use on our models to represent either danger or equipment designed to cope with danger e.g. face masks and fuel tanks.

 In my opinion these servitors are some my dad's best models in terms of artistic skill demonstrated, my dad felt that the simplicity of these models made it extremely difficult to cut corners so instead he carefully customised the models in order to give him the enthusiasm to paint them in such great detail.
As a general critique of the sculpt, these models have such great character and simplistic detail on them however some of the models are horribly ruined by the pathetic heavy bolter that seems to be lazily strapped on to the side. As demonstrated above it's not difficult to make a better looking weapon attachment. As for the flesh tones, even I don't know how my dad made it look that good and I watched him paint the damn things.

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