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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brotherhood of the Forgotten Vehicles - More to come soon!

The Brotherhood survives purely by it's ability to modify equipment effectivly, manage it's limited man power efficiently and pre-emp any situation that could arise via the effective use of scout reconnaisance. The Brotherhood's scout's are typically stranded Humans that colonised worlds long before the warp storm or Imperial Guardsmen who have travelled through the warp and due to dramatic circumstances become stranded in the same region of space as The Brotherhood. Just like on worlds close to the imperium becoming a scout is no easy task and many rescued Guardsmen fail the trials however they are usually retrained to repair and service the few vehicles that The Brotherhood have avaliable, this is because servitors are a rare luxury and a guardsman must prove his usefulness to The Brotherhoods cause in order to evade being given a menial task.

Originally this model was going to have the contrasting yellow and brown paint scheme that is common to the rest of the models however my dad eventually settled on a solid yellow believing that small details such as camouflage rolls and equipment satchels would provide suitable dark contrast, besides this yellow proved to be a relatively easy colour to appropriately weather in order to demonstrate this vehicles age (although technically speaking the model is anachronistic, land speeders were rediscovered after the Horus Heresy and although the fall of The Burning Blades Primarch was not a direct result of Horus’ actions the chapter split and fled around the same time, if I get around to it I’ll write an explanation as to how the brotherhood acquired one).

My Dad prefers to keep his bases simplistic but detailed, rather than making it too fussy he carefully made a broken Blackened Sabres power pack using a classic Space Marine power pack and a trophy spike, primered white he then washed it in leviathan purple and picked out the spike and a few rivets in Brazen Brass.
 As a general note I love a lot of Games Workshop models purely for their ability to demonstrate a sense of motion and activity, more and more kit's are being made with this in mind and I think it's an excellent improvement.
 After finishing his last few infantry models my dad intends to construct another landspeeder Storm with a few more modifications e.g. a sniper party as crew, increased firepower and a few more baubals to mark it out as a vehicle being used well past it's sell by date.
 Here we have a very dirty and battle worn Razorback with modified bulldozer blade and scout crewman which actually comes from the second landspeeder kit we have, his leg's have been skillfully removed and his arms reposed so that he looks as if he's only just pushed the observation hatch open and thrust his chainsword forward, again giving the model a sense of motion. he also added scout bike pennant flags because well, they look cool!
 The Bulldozer was infact a rather late addition and it nearly did'nt fit! after a little bit of 'Rhino Re-Engineering' keeping with the personality of the army my dad used small pieces of sprue rescultped to look like metal work in order to attach it.
 As you've probably already figured out by now my Dad loves to add character to all of his models believing that the model should not only look cool but also have a sense of narrative as the picture below demonstrates.
 After realising it was not possible to fit a full sized space marine charging out of the rear of the rhino my Dad yet again borrowed a crewman from our second landspeeder kit and created this scene of a scout reloading his Bolter with scope whilst sat on top of a large ammo container and his foot resting on the container he has just taken ammo out of. Has to be my favourite model from my dad's army purely because of this scene.
 For ease of transport the hatch is still closable, this shot also show's off other minor details such as the purity scroll on the Gun turrets and the fuel canisters.
 The same scene again but a little better lighted helping show the excellently painted face.
 One of the first forgeworld models my dad painted; A Taurus Assault Vehicle. Because the Elysian drop troops are merely a weapon in the eyes of The Brotherhood they are'nt allowed the official markings that the rest of The Brotherhood wear. In order to prevent battlefield confusion vehicles will still display typical Brotherhood scheme colours but very rarely both on the same vehicle and yellow is by far the most popular.
Although inducted Imperial Guard are'nt allowed to wear The Brotherhood's colours directly it is still a mark of pride to wear colours that are similar in order to display their pride in working with them. As you can see on this model the driver and gunner wear Bleached Bone much like scouts and Khaki Brown which is the closest they can get to the Calthan Brown colour of Brotherhood Space Marine armour.

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