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Friday, 4 February 2011

'Cell 27-7091B' Necron Army

Although when I was younger I had a deffinate interest in Games Workshop I tended to avoid it out of sibling rivalry, although me and my brother get along now (relativly speaking) at the time it was very much his hobby so I stuck to Lego and playing on the Sega Saturn (as well as setting fire to old fridges with my friends but that's another story).

However one thing I clearly remember is White Dwarf giving away a classic Necron warrior model and although I was'nt sure on the general aesthetic of it I was certain it had the capacity to be something cool. When eventually I got into the hobby for myself I was curious as to what had changed since I last went inside a GW store. It had lost a lot of it's 'cheesyness' which I kind of liked to be honest, No chunky barf yellow paint anymore or swear words like Znort in White Dwarf, one change I did like though was the new Necron range (which is actually quite old now but frankily has lost nothing, it's cool and that is not something that's up for debate). After being told that the Necron Battalion is pretty much an army in a box minus a HQ choice I was'nt completely sold on the idea until I said "what is a HQ choice?" and although the Necron Lord Model is impressive the thing that placed me firmly in the robot killing machine camp was 'The Deciever'....

Although these necrons were my first models even at that time I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do in terms of colour scheme. In order to save time I compromised and used them as a platform to practice general brush control and beginner techniques like drybrushing and washing on. Shadow grey and space wolves grey are still as prevalent on these models as I intended for the whole army however I was'nt so keen on the dark metal look.

 After doing a little research on the net (which is something I woukld advise any new starter to do) I came across the concept of wash staining which is a technique you'll see a lot on my models alongside stippling and drybrushing. Although most people associate those techniques with a beginner I feel that expert use of any technique will always produce great results. This Necron starts out partially constructed and prepared with an already sanded base, although most of the time I use super glue these models were built using plastic cement as I like to pose them as I go along without worrying about snapping their heads off.

A quick tour of the process; start by primering the body with the gun and arms detached in a solid coat of white and then primer the gun and arms also in white, try to spray a light dusting and build it up in costs so you don't obscure any detail. Wash the whole body section with Gryphonne Sepia and make sure the ankles, knee's and neck are darker than the rest of the model then wash the gun in badab black and the arms in gryphonne sepia. Paint all the metal armour plates in Bleached Bone, the smoother the coat the better it will look, the idea is to create the idea of living alien metal. Paint the shoulderpads, hands, chest glyph plate and tops of the feet in Shadow Grey with highlights of Space Wolves Grey. Finally paint the gun power source and tubing in Knarloc Green and wash it with Thraka Green then carefully paint the rune on the chest glyph in Skull White, you can now attach the arms and paint the base.

Flayed ones although relativly ineffective in the game are some of my favourite models for their background and appearance. They look just as you would expect, totally psychotic and straight out of a horror movie, they have a great feeling of originality about them. Also they gave me an interesting opportunity to see if I could use the same colours and technique to produce different effects, although this model needs a little bit of blood splatter to finish it off, the shredded and dried up dead flesh looks quite effective.

Name: The Ancient of The Night Winds  
At first i intended to make The Brotherhood of The Forgotten's most hated enemy be my Necron's. As usual things are never that simple and aside from my dad disliking the idea that his army might end being also rans we soon realised that Necron's hate EVERYBODY and would likely give up chasing The brotherhood in order to kill someone else. With that in mind I intend to write a story revolving around them as a seperate piece of fiction. The Interesting thing is that the story has to be told from the perspective of a non-Necron as necron's (apart from pariahs) neither speak or have names, luckilythe Eldar have a long and dark relationship with the Necrons and are likely to name the one's they have fought over time.

Tomb Spiders like Ogres make great models purely because they are a big handful of metal at a fairly inexpensive price compared to others. Now I know a lot of you will say "how can you compare that to an ogre! an ogre has way more character!" well they do, however metal ogres tend to take up 90% of the base just so they don't fall over leaving anything creative entirely down to the model itself. It's hard to modify metal models to give them placement within an environment which is something I like to do. Although this flying stand is a general one I use in photographs whilst my bases are still works in progress it greatly illustrates my point that the Tomb Spider as well as being great in of itself it also gives you the opportunity to create a unique custom base for it, imagine a carpet of tiny scarabs and necrons emerging fronm the earth beneath it! Also the tomb spider has plenty of smooth spaces giving the more creative of you a fantastic opportunity to practice your freehand painting. I'd love to see a Tomb Spider covered in glittering scroll work with the occasional Necron Rune in choice places.

Typically Necron destroyers come in teams of three, i'm hoping that in future i'll be able to buy another three and have one team in my old colour scheme and one team in the more recent colour scheme. Again as with the Tomb Spider I'm going to create a custom flying base for each one of them but at the moment I don't have anything in mind, if you guy's happen to have any suggestions please post them in the comments section!
 As previously mentioned The Deciever is one of my favourite special character models in the citadel range, although many people have told me it's far from my best work it is most certainly my favourite work. After multiple false starts and construction issues I finally got him built and painted in a scheme that is (hopefully) unique and consistant with the rest of my army. Even though green is my favourite colour the metallic blue paint I mixed up using Chainmail and Regal Blue specifically for this model is a close second.

For whatever reason by this point our camera was not focussing properly, if possible i'll try to get some close up's of the models base detail and hopefully some generally less blurry one's in order to show him off properly. At some point in time I might paint The Nightbringer so that I have the pair incase rumours of them being redesigned or only usable in apocalypse games turn out to be true, or atleast true until Games Workshop HQ is mysteriously burnt down *Cheesy evil grin*.

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