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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Classic Metal Dreadnought & 'Shining Vendetta' Chrome Painted Terminator Squad

Although typically we don't consider a model complete until it's based I feel it's time to do another picture update as a lot of our models are near to completion and they look nice on the blog.

 This metal Dreadnought from 1993 is one of my dad's more recent projects and probably the most interesting. This thing weighs an absolute ton and although some would argue that the plastic kit is superior due to the opportunities for modification but you can't beat a model that you could tie to the end of a stick and use as a mace.
 Since my Dad's army uses mostly earth tones he decided to keep the dreadnought a relativly dark metalic colour. Oddly enough this bronze spray more closely matches the Vallejo copper paint than any brand of bronze paint we've been able to aquire.
 Apart from some mild tarnishing the model was easy to clean if not a little bit time consuming. Still it's worth pointing out that for a model that is now 18 years old it was a lot better off than could be expected of other models of the same age.
 Speaking of old models these metal terminators were again gifted to us by a fellow hobbyist around christmas time and after much scrubbing and cleaning have reached this state.
 For the most part they are complete and also demonstrate yet again the fantastic range of spray paints that Humbrol produce, it's unfortunate that Games Workshop don't produce their own spray paints these days as they were easily of the same quality if not better because you could ask for a can of paint that was the exact colour of the one you brush on.
 Another demonstration of my dad's free hand banner painting skills this model also has a classic storm shield which has a unique charm that the newer ones, although cool, unfortunately lack.
 At the moment my Dad is unsure if he should paint the head of this model to match the others as he feels that something should mark it out as different as if the missile launchers on it's back weren't enough!

 Power weapons are always difficult to get right but on this model the claws were painted in chrome and then washed with asurmen blue, they might recieve a coat of gloss later but it's likely they'll stay as they are.
 In order to add additional colour to the models my dad attached various purity seals, tags and scrools on certain parts of the model that also mark them out as superior to that of the other terminators in The Brotherhood of The Forgotten.

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