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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Conversion Projects and Works in Progress

It's probably no secret to you guy's now that I enjoy both the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K game systems and as such (unlike my dad) tend not to stray too far from the conventional in order to prevent 'what you see is what you get' issues. However sometimes I build models purely for display, if people are willing to allow me to use them instead of the straight out of the box models then that's great, if they don't then I'll use the boring one's and play against someone who is more entertaining of the idea next time.

 My Necron army was originally going to built primarily around flayed one's, unfortunately they are quite ineffective in battle and even though I still use them I tend to go with 'the Monolith two step' or rhino two step at the moment as I don't own enough Monoliths so there point allocation gets given to standard Necron Warriors.
This model differs from the others as I made sure all the others had atleast one melee weapon in order to preserve the fact that Flayed One's don't have guns (Go watch Edward scissor hands and you'll understand why these guy's are CRAYZEEE!)
 That aside this model was the first time I extensivly used green stuff in order to add additional ragged flesh to the Necron legs. Also I used a more conventional flesh painting technique in comparison to my metal Flayed Ones (and took the time to add that all important blood splatter).
 You'll find that these models have a lot more mold lines than my later work, this is because I only had a stanley knife to clean up and shape any pieces and at the time I recognised the importance of having all my fingers. After I bought a file set the cleanliness of the models was much improved.
 Although the paint job on this model is not the best (this was back when I'd not learnt how to thin paints properly) I'm still quite proud of the model. Intent on preserving the pose the catachan would have held if not shredded apart by a Flayed one I slowly stripped away parts of the model in order to make room for necron 'upgrades' e.g. the chest runic glyph (which seriously do not try to get one of those using only a stanley blade!), the spinal column (which was'nt too difficult so much as fiddly to attach) and the lower spine and pelvis (simple sprue cutter job, just be careful to shape a groove in the base of the catachan body to that it'll fit).
 A total change in direction this model is much more recent (and still a work in progress). Being a big fan of the Mass Effect series I tried to make a model to represent Legion from Mass Effect 2. The concept remains much the same as it does in the game, in order to preserve the cognitive capacity via perspective accumulation (multiple minds reaching a simple majority in order to make decisions) this Necron Warrior unit was given significant alterations in order to contain thousands of Necron souls so that it could venture forth from it's tomb and gather information on the many organic races that exist in the universe. Although the Necron is mechanically functional it's mind has begun to fragment with the sheer amount of knowledge at it's disposal, one clear sign of this is it's un-necron like behaviour of collecting trophies.

More to come!

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