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Friday, 4 February 2011

Fantasy Centrepiece Models

I was never really sure of which fantasy army to go with as all of them had strong points, I ended up bouncing between Tomb Kings, Ogre Kingdoms and Lizardmen. Funny that out of those 3 i picked none of them and ended up with High Elves. My brother has been a skaven player for aslong as he's played fantasy and going halves on an island of blood seemed the cheapest way of getting a fairly nice looking beginner army as well as the rulebook. Also the prince on gryphon is one of the most amazing push fit models i've ever seen!

 This model took me the grand total of three days to work on and although i'm happy with it their's still things i could do to further improve it (and to be honest if it was on my painting table I probably would try and only end up spilling Charadon Granite all over it because things like that happen all the damn time).
 My favourite part of the piece has to be face and claws of the gryphon, as mentioned in the white dwarf masterclass for painting Prince Althran it's always a good idea to look for reference pictures when painting animals.
 This model was also the first time I tried wet blending and curiously enough it worked! I still agree with my friends though it was probably more fluke than skill but knowing i got it right once means their's a good chance of me getting it right again, providing I remember just how i did it...
I used a substantial amount of milliput to smooth out areas and fill gaps which is something I did'nt used to do until I painted this model and decided to pull out all the stops and doing something special.

Although I still keep a handy amount of green stuff around milliput was in this case much easier to sand smooth when dry giving the gryphons body a great finish when painted.
Originally I painted this Ogre Maneater for a christmas painting competition, hence his unusually festive attire, green santa helper Gnoblar and snow flocked base. Unfortunately I only got 2nd place but I still consider him one of my best models purely because skin tones are something I struggle with on most models and yet this one turned out exactly how I intended. Also the original weapon this model came with was far too weedy for an ogre so I cut off a metal spike from an Ork trukk ram and filed it to remove any studs and metal components, after that i used a bit of green stuff to blend it in with the existing leather handle and painted it up to look like stone. I imagine it'd make for an ineffective blade but it would hurt a lot more than the previous weapon i tell you that much.

This ogre also has a few unusual paint techniques on it, the first being that his weapon started with a dark flesh basecoat instead of scorched brown before applying a typical rust effect with a stippling brush. The second being that his leather and metal stomach protector was painted in snakebite leather and washed with the sadly no longer avaliable Flesh Wash from Games Workshop. You can replicate the effect by using Coat d'Arms Flesh Wash but you might want to add some Gryphon Sepia and Baal Red in order to get something closer to the classic GW wash.

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