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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fick Fook's Smashy Horde Infantry Models

If you have'nt guessed already the first box set my dad bought when getting back into the hobby was the battle for Black Reach, unenthused by the idea of Ultramarines he made his own chapter. This however left us with the question of what to do with the orks, so I made the Rust Knuckle Clan which is lead by Fick Fook the Warlord. Most of the core troops are finished but I tend to work through all the rank and file first and then do my characters so that I can use numerous techniques that I've tried on other models on the more specialist ones. Although I do base my models i've not yet chosen a style for my orks so these pictures maybe updated sometime in the near future.

 You'll notice that for the most part my models tend to have a grimy dark look to them and not just because they are ork's (my dad paints his orks in a much more vibrant style, what looks better is purely a matter of opinion). This is because I use a technique called wash staining quite often which involves blending 2 colours together, drybrushing them with white and then washing the entire area with a similar coloured wash or ink. Another similar approach is to start with a white primer and thin your paints to a consistancy of a wash then carefully blend similar colours together creating a highlight on raised areas as the colour stains the white instead of covering it.
 Not all of my orks have flesh as dark as this model however 'Gungug Backscratcha' deals primarily with disgusting grots and snotlings as well as the occasional squiglybeast so he comes in contact with dirt more often than other orks and his model reflects that. Since each individual grot was too small to get in focus i'll try to track down a better camera so I can give you guy's some pictures of my vicious ankle biting horde.
 This model was one of the first times I used Vallejo paints, although they are superior just because they are cheaper than citadel paints it's probably a good idea to look at it purely from an artistic perspective. Citadel foundations and washes are indispensable and irreplceable however their metalic paint range is disappointingly limited. This results in technology looking too similar to each other even though an ork gun is drastically different from a space marine bolter or an empire handgun.
 Fur is a difficult thing to get right on a model and this one was no different, I wanted to avoid typical brown colours on the fur as the model is already quite dark and needed a source of contrast, typically I'd leave that job to the base colour but I'm not sure of how to base them yet so I painted this model on the side of caution.

 Although some of my earlier orks were painted in far more striking colours (Burning Orange and Burgundy Red for example) I eventually settled on a colour scheme similar to the snakebite clan but utilising more Khaki and canvas style colours mixed with brown leather strapping and rusted metal.
 There are two method's I use to paint Ork skin, the first being a quick basecoat of Goblin Green over white primer and then the recesses washed with Thraka Green. The second is more complex and I tend to use it only on big Orks as it helps bring out the muscle definition more. Start with a basecoat of Orkhide Shade and when dry layer with Knarloc Green leaving the Orkhide in the recesses, then highlight the skin with Goblin Green and again once dry wash the entire skin area with thinned out Thraka Green so you get a smooth transition.
 Although the gun on this model is complete I left the chainsaw axe unfinished in order to show you guy's what my rust effect looks like before stippling. It's first basecoated with dark flesh and then washed with Coat D' Arms Armour Wash which helps give metal a fantastic oil and grime caked look to it. Badab Black is a worthy substitute and is easier to work with however i'd add water down some scorched brown and add it to the wash so that it's not too solid a black.

 Even if my model does not use wash staining as an effect I more often than not start with a white primer and stain it using Devlan Mud so that colours retain their brightness compared to what they look like when painted over matte black. This technique is also great because the wash pools in the recesses giving the model natural shading. This definately saves me time when painting mass unit's like Ork Boyz.
 Faces are something I especially enjoy doing on orks because you have plenty of space to easily get at raised detail so you can really make every Ork look like the psychotic crazed killer he is.
In future i'll try to get some better photographs of my rusted metal technique when completed because as nice as it is on this model it's not one of the best examples I have to offer.


  1. Great work guys! I ran across your posting on Dakka and look forward to seeing more.