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Monday, 7 February 2011

Matthew's Project List

This is more for my own benefit than you guy's but it does give you a general idea of what to expect on my blog in the passing month's, I'll try to get some decent photographs as well as how I did certain things.

Armies to be completed

  1. High Elves: Some tidying up on my units of Sea guard and Sword masters, a lord on foot just need's arms painting, Battle Standard Bearer needs actually starting on (not even primered, eek!), 30 Archers (again, eek), 5 Dragon princes of Caledor (primered and base coated, needs layering and detailing), a mage and finally Repeater Bolt Thrower and crew (again need's starting on).
  2. Dwarves: Pretty much everything, most of it is still on the sprue or in boxes Minus 5 Ironbreakers that are almost done (yay!).
  3. Goblins: Same as dwarves.
  4. Necrons: Finished, The army is fully painted and playable, success is far from guaranteed though so I'll probably bulk it out with a monolith but that's a treat for when everything else is done.
  5. Space Ork's: Not as finished as my Necrons but getting close, just a Warboss and a few nobz.
  6. Empire: Still in planning stages. The army is going to be based around an expedition of lustrian explorers, trying to think of ways to get a Spanish conquistador theme across using empire models and a few choice classic models (Pirazzo's Lost Legion as an example)

Side Projects

  1. Grot in Orkified Sentinel (the grot is done and so are most of the base coats but I still think it needs to be even more orky, not quite sure how to go about doing that atm).
  2. Elf and Empire explorer Mini Diorama (It's really crappy but it's the first model I put together using spare bitz, after cleaning it up and sorting out a better base for it, it should look nicer).
  3. Aenur The Sword of Twilight (Just bought this guy for pure decorative purposes, he's one of my favourite models,theirs not too much work to be done on this guy which is great )
  4. Selafwyn of The Annuli Mountains (Might make for a nice unit champion but probably just gunna use it as a decoration).
  5. Marco Columbo (Probably be the Battle Standard Bearer of my Lustrian explorers force, if not then he'll just be decorative).
Thankfully that's about it, I do have some White Lions and Phoenix Guard to paint but they aren't necessary for my army, I bought them because they are nice. I don't really have any space for two full units on display so they'll get done last (or probably before my Empire Army, Still after a mercenary captain model from the dog's of war range before I get started on the easy to find stuff).

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