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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Orc Raider with Pig Display Model

Occasionally me and my Dad enter local painting competitions as they give us both an incentive and a reason to paint models we wouldn't ordinarily bother with. It's something I'd encourage any hobbyist to do as we often get stuck in a rut and tend not to deviate too far from our hobby comfort zone.

The best way to describe that is mastering a particularly easy but extremely effective technique and then applying it to everything in liberal amounts. Dry brushing is often quoted as a clear sign of this behaviour, although the technique is still utilized even by professional painters, the mark of any beginner after mastering this technique is you will find them attempting to dry brush areas of the model that don't have texture and instead make surfaces look dusty or dry. This is terrible if the surface happens to be skin or something more unusual like a candle flame as these surfaces need to look organic and alive as well as convey a sense of motion, a dusty dry surface indicates to the viewer that the object hasn't moved for some time or is dead.

Last month (January) we were challenged to paint an Orc Raider with Pig which can be found here.
All models selected for the local competitions have to be a) Unusable in the Warhammer or Warhammer 40k games (or at the very least not have any direct rules intended for it even if you can use it as a stand in for something else) and b) Cost less than £10, this is to ensure that as many people as possible can afford to participate.

Both rules exist predominantly because the previous winner gets to choose the next model and gets that model for free, as such it wouldn't be fair for the other contestants if they ended up buying a model that the previous winner picked just to finish his army off and could'nt really care about entering or they already have a nicely painted one of the model they've just picked that they could enter.

Rules aside here's what we came up with:

 Your welcome to guess which model out of mine and my dad's eventually won (Huh...I still think mines better...) Either way this model to the left is mind and I painted the orc flesh on this model the same way I paint the flesh on my ork nobz in order to give him a bit of age and character. After all, this is unlikely to be the first pig he's stolen.
 The leather backpack on the rear was painted inititally with snakebite leather with the stiching in graveyard earth, it was then washed entirely in old Flesh wash in order to make it a bit battered as well as add depth. I use Flesh Wash for all sorts of things and I am really annoyed that it is no longer produced.
 This model is my Dad's who attempted a more vibrant style even though their are many similarities. For this model I taught him how to stipple the rust on the helmet which in the long run came out better than my own.

His pig was originally painted in a skin colour that he mixed up to immitate the way 'eavy metal had painted it however it came out purple for some reason so until the pig was repainted it was nicknamed Trevor the Cosmic Pig. My Dad still insists he should have left it like that.

For this month (Febuary) my model is still on display at the store (Chaos Space Marine Terminator Champion. )so when I take the March model in for judgeing (The Chase ) I'll get you guy's some photo's.

Hopefully this post will encourage you to have a crack at painting a few choice models from armies that you don't play in order to practice techniques that you wouldn't ordinarily use.

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