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Monday, 14 February 2011

Tomb Kings May Update

Those of you with a Games Workshop website account probably already know by now that the army to get updated in May will be Tomb Kings. In a way I'm glad, I've always liked undead armies and the Egyptian theme of the Tomb Kings always seemed a better fit than the vampire counts Germanic possibly even eastern European theme.

I'm hoping that this increased turn over of new army books works out for Games Workshop, although they might over saturate the market at first people will eventually be more comfortable with a rapid (or more frequent than it has been in the past) release of new army books. Rather than jump ship every month to sign up for the new hotness as well as smell that addictive new book smell, people will be patient and wait for updates to armies they play already.

As for the necessity to update the Tomb Kings book, it's definitely needed. The content and character of the book still remains intact and the army plays very enjoyably, however it lacks a competitive edge by an enormous degree as it's specialist magic and poor core unit choices means that it gets trampled on extremely easily by horde armies which it's reliance on chariots is supposed to deal with but tragically are ineffective.

That aside it's very unclear as to what models they will change (if any) as well as what they can add. Myself I would bring back the idea of mummies in order to fill the same niche zombies do in a vampire counts army and boost up the strength of standard skeleton warriors.

Anyway I'm hoping I have my goblin army finished by then, if the tomb kings get anything like the Arachnarok I might just have to buy it for display purposes.

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