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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Works in Progress Photo's

In order to better demonstrate my painting process (as well as show how messy my painting table is now) I've taken some photo's of models at all stages of the process e.g. straight out of the blister/still on sprue, cleaned and constructed, primered, first few splashes of colour, tidying up and then the finished piece.

 This model is this months painting competition model at my local Games Workshop Store. My Dad being the previous winner with his Orc Raider with pig got to pick this month's and as he is a fan of classic miniatures (as well as metal ones in general) he chose this classic metal Chaos Terminator with tusked helm.
 For those of you wondering the other model in the blister is a Space Marine Librarian, I'll get pictures of that when it's nearer to completion but it should be an interesting development (and I'll have to come up with another back story, any suggestions for names?). At this moment in time the Terminator is still covered in mold lines and excess metal, although most were easy to remove there is one on the inner left leg (right on this picture) that was particularly tricky to get off.
 Interestingly enough the weapons that this model were originally provided with are no longer in production. Since mine is going to be a display piece it's of little concern to me, also who doesn't like ridiculous quantities of chainsaws?
The one thing I would point out though is that it might be worth tracking down an alternative head if you fancy giving it a go, the heads tusks prevent you from posing the arms in any other position than straightforward.

Although plastic models allow for a much greater degree of customisation metal models just feel more comfortable in the end to paint with, that and it's always possible to strip it and start over no matter how bad the paint job gets. If you guy's fancy grabbing your own to add some retro character to your unit, go check it out.

 When we were first interested in the hobby my dad converted the new at the time sentinel model into an ork killa kan in order to replace the cardboard cut out one we got in our original box set (back when orcs stood with their guns pointed straight right and their axes straight left), he named this creature Stompy and due to the annoying protests of my older brother stating it wasn't game legal it was only ever used as a display piece. Eventually Stompy was lost to the ages and probably sold with the rest of our early models.
 In an effort to recreate Stompy I bought a box of grots and a sentinel and set to work, although I'm really pleased with the little grot pilot inside (which is difficult to see in these photo's) the sentinel itself needs a lot more work ( suggestions welcome as always) so that it looks suitably Orky e.g. a complete wreck.
 Closer to completion than most of my models this High Elf Lord or 'Aenetticus the Winged Harbinger' as I've chosen to name him just needs his face painting and then his arms and base attaching in order to be complete.
The wings for this model actually come from the same kit, originally intended for a decorative helm I noticed that the breastplate had a small gap in the back that was just large enough to squeeze both wings into in order to make an angelic looking elf.
I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot and say I came up with the idea first but I am extremely pleased with the result as I've not found anything similar so far.

 Originally intended to be a Repeater Bolt Thrower crew when I lost mine, this model ended up an assortment of spare parts from pretty much every kit I've bought so far.
 In terms of paint schemes this model has hit a road block, I'm not used to working from a black undercoat and with certain paints drying and covering differently than what i expect it might take me some time at the drawing board before i can come up with a suitable plan to tackle this model and get it completed.

 'Aenur the Sword of Twilight' far from complete but definitely my favourite work in progress. Grey is not typically a paint which i use often when I choose a palette, however I often use it as a base coat for other colours such as yellow and orange if the primer is slightly thin. After painting Astronomicon grey over the white primer i decided that it looked extremely effective as is so it got left, i then worked on the face using the guide of how to paint Caradryans face on the Games Workshop website, as faces go I'm extremely proud of my efforts but it's made me very wary of doing anymore work on the model, I'd hate to start over again.

 A classic metal Repeater Bolt Thrower which in my opinion looks more aesthetically pleasing then the current plastic version, besides that it was much better value for money considering the blister costed £8.50 back in the day and the current plastic one costs £15 or around about that much anyway, who know's with VAT these days.

Not even out of the box yet this Marco Colombo Model will be the general of a lustrian explorer themed empire army.

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