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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Classic Chaos Terminator Competition Model

Both me and my dad have always been fans of Chaos models because they are easily customisable as well as relatively unique to begin with. Even if your not the greatest of modellers you can be very creative with colour schemes ranging from drab and dingy to incredibly ornate as well as anything in between (with bright pink Terminators a definite option).

Although it's possible to say that you are limited to Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Khorne when it comes to design aesthetics these god's practically cover any and all horribleness you can imagine with some significant space for overlap between them. The only issue you might have is iconography and theirs nothing stopping you from creating your own and/or butchering someone elses.

For the month of Febuary we were asked by our local GW store manager to paint a classic Chaos Terminator model with any weapon description or head providing it's cost was less than £10.

This model was based on the GW studio's colour scheme for 'The Purge' Legion of Chaos Space Marines. I personally wanted my model slightly dirtier and less garish so I resisted the temptation to use gold decoration. I also used a lot of charadon granite drybrushed with boltgun metal to ensure that metal joints, his feet and especially his gun appear well battle worn which complimented the patches of rust quite well.

 A typical rule of thumb when basing models is to ensure that the environments reflect the attributes of the model but also make up for the models failings without detracting from it. To put it a better way Chaos bases need to look unnatural and warped but need to be either dull if your model is vibrant or colourful if your model is dark. This base was simply basecoated white then washed with shadow grey and then finally drybrushed with codex grey to highlight it.

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