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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Forgeworld Empire Models - Ludicrous Landships, New Handgunners and Cool Characters!

The Empire from Warhammer fantasy have always been an army that I appreciate both the aesthetics and tactical skill needed in order to enjoy them (if like myself you enjoy both gaming and building the models fairly equally). At last years games day which I attended, Forgeworld staff announced the establishment of a separate design team in order to create a greater variety of models for Warhammer Fantasy that they basically called Warhammer Forge (straight and to the point) although they had a few bits and bobs to look at nobody at the time really had any ideas about what they were going to make.

I mentioned my interest of The Empire because after making available the models they had on display at gamesday (bile toads and nurgle trolls) Forgeworld have taken to producing some rather fascinating pieces recently (that are not without fault of course but no model is). Firstly is Theodore Bruckner and his mount; Reaper. 
For resin kits the thing I focus instantly on is ease of cleaning and construction. Theodore on foot in  is very open in terms of poses so even if he is very fashy (which I hope to god such a new model wouldn't be) I don't think he'd be too difficult to clean up. Atop of that he is fantastically dynamic and full of character which is wonderful to see in Empire models. His mount however is another story, apart from being incredibly underwhelming I think it'll be fragile as heck, I can see it's claws and beak breaking just in transit! Still that's just trying to predict the future really, if well packaged It shouldn't be their fault if it breaks but I still think it could be so much more impressive.

Now here is something I really like! At least in terms of style anyway. I've always thought that Empire troops should be extremely well trained well organised and appear to be very formal (basically Imperial Guard of the middle ages) instead they all look pretty scraggy lookin' as if they told a farmer to put on a coloured leotard and pretend that screaming enraged Orc is a chicken.

Again like Theodore these 'Ironside Handgunners' have fairly open stances (except maybe the kneeling ones) with few places for gunk to get stuck in and be a pain to remove.

The only thing a potential buyer should bear in mind is that you do need the arms from a hand gunner kit which isn't too much of an issue as it means for £40 you get some badass handgunners and some reasonably nice looking crossbow men for only £10 more than 2 boxes of handgunners. You'll also be left with tons of spare heads and other random gubbins you'll probably never use but that's no bad thing.

Another prospect is that these guy's do come with experimental rules, your welcome to discuss them with an opponent and give them a go but Forgeworld do tend to put coolness before balance so don't push it if you want to use these guy's in a tournament.

Finally we have the Marienburg Steam powered landship O' DOOM! which aside from looking totally ridiculous (in my opinion) it is pretty much pointless. It is a fascinatingly weird mixture of unreliable and yet still overpowered I can only imagine attempting to get this into a game would be equally as difficult as constructing it and then safely getting it to wherever the heck you want to play with it happens to be! Tragically most opponents don't like playing against ducktape and resin rubble so ye... good luck with that one. If you happen to have money to burn (which lets face it, every Forgeworld frequent customer does) don't let me stop you buying this..thing. I still think it looks amazing it's just not something I'd spend £100+ on as an Aracknarok is of a similar size and is far cheaper, maybe they'll make a plastic version someday.

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