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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Forum Thoughts

I browse a lot of forums in order to get inspiration as well as thoughts of what I should add to this blog. One question I found was "What models did you find hardest/easiest to construct?". Up until now I've never really thought about it as I've never had any complete and total failures just models that I feel could have been better if Id've taken the time to study the instructions and do some forward planning. Browsing my back catalogue of miniatures I've built or helped build for friends there were a few that were a few that made me bash my fists against the table in frustration.

Hardest - Recently it was probably the new High Elf kit's, pretty much every one of them look amazing but are spoiled by hideous poor planning in regards to construction, some skill with modelling putty and a steady hand with a tube of glue and they aren't so bad but with most of the parts being so delicate you can easily end up glueing a White Light to the inside of your nostril. My Phoenix Guard are perfect examples of that as I attempted to fill in the gaps on their cloaks with plastic glue and melted sprue, they are just balls of glue and mush now. The Dragon princes weren't too bad though they just needed a lot of post construction tidying up with a file.

Easiest - Necron Scarabs but they are pretty much a none build really, just shove stick into slot then glue to base. The most enjoyable build recently was definitely Savage Orcs, those guy's are a model builders dream. Keeping on the theme of eaiest some of the best models I've bought were simple slot and pin, although sure you could argue they limit your ability to customise your models most of them look pretty badass to start with and aren't ruined by poor model building skills ( which is great for a beginner).

I'm hoping to have a few full army photo's some time soon (probably saturday) as well as some more work in progress pieces.

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