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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Grey Knights & Grey Knight Terminators

In order to keep things clean and tidy I’ll be doing the reviews of these models at the same time as there are some points which overlap both positive and negative.

Sprue First Glance 
Although Grey Knights are distinct from Space Marines, most of their armour and equipment share similar motifs with the distinction being that their equipment looks more advanced, this is good as it ensures that the models are built upon proven foundations but are also new and refreshing (this especially goes for the terminator models as they are far better designed than the standard terminators). As sprues go you can describe both the Grey Knights and their Terminators as being cluttered but in a good way. For some kit's the inclusion of 'flavour' parts can be to the detriment to the more important pieces as they were probably included at the last minute in order to fill out the left over space on the sprue (Dwarfs typically suffer from this and even after the addition of random bits their sprues still look kind of empty). However with more modern kits (these included) it's clear that the additional parts were going to be supplied from the start and as such have been placed appropriately so that they don't damage more required pieces e.g. legs or torsos. As well as this they don't make removal of parts from the sprue more difficult than they need to be.

Production Quality
Equally as high as Savage Orcs in terms of mould lines you could say they are perhaps even better, as Space Marines often have large smooth but easily hidden areas such as the bottom of feet and the connection between waist and torso, the creators of this sprue have taken advantage of that fact by placing most of the connection points on places that can easily be smoothed out or hidden once the part if removed.

For myself as a modeller these were an absolute joy, equally as easy as a standard space marine to build you can place them in a myriad of different poses with various weapons with the added bonus of both the standard Grey Knight kit and the Terminator kit containing hands clenching various severed Daemon heads you can have lots of fun just making the models look cool if you aren’t interested in playing with them. The only complaint I could make was that much like the Savage Orc and the White Lions models, the weapons come with pre attached hands but not arms. This is both a blessing and a curse as you can pose the weapons as much as you like but you have to ensure that the wrist joint has the precise amount of glue to attach the hand, without it then pouring out all over the shot.

Conversion and Customisation Opportunities
Just like all of the Space Marine and Imperial Guard Models (and especially Orks/Orcs) the plastic kits are all interchangeable so having a bitz box will help you here. As my Dad pointed out to me earlier, conversions needn’t be all one way and it’s entirely possible to take parts from this kit to make your own chapter more unique, just because the Grey Knights exist doesn’t mean your own custom chapter can’t hold a grudge against daemons! Imagine a dynamically posed Space Marine Commander on a cliff edge brandishing a Bloodletters head or Assault Marines with two handed swords or even something simpler such as decorating your Terminators with a few more purity seals and holy relics than they normally would have. Finally something about the Grey Knights screams BEARD to me, steal a few space wolf heads and mix them in there!

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