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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Grey Knights Update

So the new models are up on the Games-Workshop website for pre-order. Some of you will shout Yay! and woot! (myself included) and others (probably daemon players) will be fearing their inevitable ruination by ridiculous wargear. Still I'm hoping the general idea of the Grey Knights is retained and although people will cry 'Overpowered!' till they are blue in the face I feel that it's likely they will only be so effective in the hands of a skilled player (as they are now to some extent). Well unless theirs some ridiculous loop hole special character that makes Dreadknights count as core troops anyway...

This may sound a little harsh of me but as models go Grey Knights strike me as same old, same old. They are effectively the same shape, theme and form to Space Marines with some slight alterations in terms of iconography. In my mind this makes them no different to any other Space Marine chapter like Blood Angels, Dark Angels or Black Templars, they are all cool in their own way but at the heart of the matter lies the fact that they are still just Space Marines. I'd like to see something that is either imperium related but has a unique artistic style all of it's own (Hopefully Sisters of Battle should they ever be redesigned) or another Xenos race (unlikely but an update to Necron's wouldn't go a miss *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*).

Still don't let me put you off buying them, as models go they are beautiful, hopefully I'll be able to do another sprue review on the new kits so you can get my proper verdict of them. If you happen to like the style of Space Marines (and imperium stuff in general) but want the opportunity to try out different colour schemes or battle tactics then you really can't go wrong with a Grey Knights army. They just aren't my cup of tea is all.

Also my suggestion to any current Grey Knights players, KEEP YOUR METAL STUFF! they no longer make a lot of the range and the stuff that is still avaliable won't be there forever, in terms of style their's absolutely nothing wrong with them and I'm sure they are likely to become collectors items in time.

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