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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Painting and Hobby Area

I read a forum post asking people to talk about their painting quirks and we all have them although to be honest mine aren't really any more bizarre than anyone elses e.g. pointing paint brushes with my lips and only using white primer. That aside I felt this would be a good opportunity to post some pictures of my hobby area.

It's basically organised chaos.

Just behind my dad's workstation is his model case, he likes to keep them close by incase he needs some reference material for a model he's not painted before.
 You'll also notice on the shelf is the entire collection of the Horus Heresy story so far as well as other random junk like the Viz book 'The Five Knuckle Shuffle' and the entire Sims 2 collection.
 At the moment i'm basing my Necron scarabs as well as working on my model diorama for my local GW stores painting competition.
 Whereas my dad just empties a zip lock bag on to his table and sprays its contents chrome.
During the day we get lots of sun and it's near a window so it's quite cosy to paint in here especially if I put Fairly Odd Parents on in the back ground.

"Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents! wands and wings! floaty crowny things!..."

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