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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Painting Updates - Necrons & Dwarfs

Those of you who who've been reading my blog since I started it will remember I wrote a guide detailing how I paint Dwarf Ironbreakers, although the unit isn't full (I still need another 10 models) all the models I own as of now are painted.

 Like all of my models it's unlikely they'll stay exactly as they are. There are a few little odd spots of detail that would benefit from being painted but as it stands I need a little more practice and I don't want to spoil them (best to screw up something crappy like a plastic goblin).

Dwarfs aside the other thing I've been working on is correcting a few faults with some of the models I did when I first started painting, mostly my Necrons.

To be fair the only thing I was slightly concerned about was the degree of mould lines and sprue marks on the plastic models I have, at the time of construction I must have completely ignored them but looking back now I can't believe I made such obvious mistakes. Thankfully the brush work still held up pretty well and my paint scheme was quite simple for my earlier Necrons. After cleaning them up and repainting a few small patches I'm extremely satisfied, in order to completely finish them I also spent a little bit of time painting up their bases to match my current scheme (it helps ensure a small degree of coherency at least).

In terms of future updates for both armies I'm going to finish basing and cleaning up my Necrons and then once complete move on to doing this months painting competition model that I mentioned in a previous post.

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