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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tomb King Models - What Should/Shouldn't be Updated

I wanted to do a poll but decided it'd be easier just to ask people to be more specific and write what they like/don't like about certain Tomb Kings models.

Personally most of the metal model range is spot on in terms of character and style even if they have been a pain in the arse to construct. Tomb Guard would benefit from being remade in plastic in order to make them cost less however I really like how they look as they are, the same could be argued of the Bone Giant but it's nice to have a big hefty metal model in your collection so maybe it'd be best to just keep him as he is.

As for the plastic range all of the skeletal horses need redoing, although I appreciate the extremely dry and desicated look the inclusion of saddles, reigns and a few dangling trinkets as well as maybe even leg armour/bracelets would make them more aesthetically pleasing as well as more undead instead of ducked taped together and wheels attached to the hooves.

The same could be said of skeletal warriors , in comparison to Vampire Counts skeletons which wear much more armour, have more intricate and detailed shields and weaponry and suit the whole eastern european theme quite well, Tomb Kings skeletons are extremely lack lustre as they don't have many things on them to mark them out as a Tomb Kings skeleton instead of just an ordinary boring random skeleton (because ya know their's tons of those around, next time you look you'll notice that all lolly pop ladies are actually skeletons, trust me they totally are).

In conclusion an update to the model range need's a fairly light touch in my opinion, some more bits and bobs to make unit's have a bit of character and variety would be nice as well as the inclusion of some interesting pieces like special characters and death star style pieces like the giant goblin spider thingy *cough* sphinx *cough* would make the range perfect.

Anyhoo what do you guy's think? what would you like to see updated and in what way?

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