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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ork Army Progress - Fick Fook's Smashy Horde

As unimaginative as the army name might be it does happen to suit it down to the ground. The Unfortunate downside of this naming choice is that the army includes a rediculous quantity of Ork Infantry. As it stands at the moment I have 20 Ork's, 5 Nob's, an Ork Warboss, a Custom Killa Kan (More of a display piece) and a converted chimera that will serve as either a Trukk, a Battlewagon or a Looted Wagon depending on what it looks like when completed.

That's before basing them all *faints*.

It's not too bad really as most of my Ork's are nearing completion and I've nearly finished one of the Nobz (just missing an arm at the moment). As a theme I went with the snakebites as I've always liked the contrast between savage primordial anger and advanced space age technology that Ork's bring to 40k and the snakebites take that contrast to the extreme; especially considering my ork's have flint axes and bow's here and there just to add variety.

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