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Monday, 16 May 2011

Citadel 'Fine Cast' Early Opinions

Typically I'm a person who reserves judgement of a new product until I can feel it in my hands but this current announcement has got me riled up enough to get my views on the situation out in the open earlier than usual.

 I can't really describe how angry I am without it coming off as nerd rage but  I am a devoted fan of classic metal models and this seems to be a method for GW to increase their profit margins under the guise of progress without taking into account the true joy of having a heavy chunk of metal in your hands whilst thinking of the many possibilities that await.

Now don't get me wrong, their are some models that I agree would benefit from the process purely from a financial standpoint but this is where it buggers up. Nearly all of the models on the leaked list are special character models, big monsters or elite infantry units (things like Flamers of Tzeentch and that sort of jazz). With that in mind the R.R.P increase seems absurd, people avoid buying those models currently because they are expensive not because they are metal, making them out of a new material won't help anything especially if they are going to cost more to pay for the costs associated with 'inventing' this new process.

For example, people have been wanting Chaos Space Marine Raptors and Chaos Plague Marines in plastic for ages but not for aesthetic or convenience reasons but purely because they are extremely expensive. Most if not all of the fans of these models like them exactly as they are, they are just frustrated that they can't afford them (myself included and I don't even play chaos). GW finally get the opportunity to reduce the costs of the models (as I'm guessing this plastic resin hybrid material weighs substantially less and therefore is cheaper to transport, so that's some small saving atleast) but instead they intend to put people off buying these models even further by taking away their gravitas and feeling of importance. A model being made out of metal for me always ment that it was something special, I bought plastic kits to screw around and have a laugh with but I got metal kits as birthday or christmas presents and because of that I'd labour over them to get them perfect.

In conclusion, I will purchase these models in order to write an appropriate (hopefully unbiased and fair) review but for the time being I will make it clear, I don't want my special models to feel disposable and tatty compared to older metal miniatures when (if you consider the rediculously escalating prices of the damn things) they are anything but.

Tl;Dr When I hit a guy in the back of the head with my casket of souls or my tomb spyder I want that son of a bitch to stay down damn it, if my model comes off worse than rule breakers than I'll demand a refund!

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