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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Brotherhood of the Forgotten - Novice Combat Squad

My Dad tends to vary up his painting within a rough framework I.E. it'll always end up being a part of the army he is currently focussing upon, if he feels like he's painting too many vehicles he'll paint the odd infantry model to keep his buzz going. Recently he's been restoring as best he can an old metal/plastic hybrid 'Land Raider Crusader' that although not completely unusable when we got it, it was in a bit of a poor condition. When it's closer to being finished I'll take a photograph of the box so you can get some sort of idea of how old this thing is as well as the finished article itself.

For now though I have some photographs from the other side of the coin. When my Dad got a little bored of his landraider he cobbled together a combat squad of Space Marines out of spare parts he'd removed from severely damaged models he was given some time ago. Not content with just painting them as reguler Marines he felt they should be painted in a way that reflects their origins.

 Unlike most chapters the Brotherhood consider their colours not so much sacred but extremely meaningful (more so than any markings or awards a Marine may have aquired in their life span) this is because of the sheer variety of fighting men they hold responsibility over. Awarding a guardsman for an act of valour a Space Marine would just be expected to do may lead to dissent amongst the less experienced troops.
 To avoid this all inductees recieve the colour of inner clarity and understanding, Bleached Bone. In time providing they are succesful with their training or their missions they will recieve the colour of devotion and will, Darksun Yellow. Then finally the colour of unity, Calthan Brown is applied. As you've probably noticed although the order is strict the degree to which it is applied varies dramatically (with some emphasizing colours they feel reflect their own personal attributes more than others). As the Shadow Guard made clear though, these colours are not some mark of great triumph or victory, from the lowest guardsman to the mightiest hero of the chapter they above all else resemble the cohesive front they forged to stand against the forces of the darkness and their own personal daemons.

By now I'm sure you've noticed 'Silver Skull' at the front. His backstory is different from most other members of the chapter as he was found already dead inside of a Blackened Sabre Attack Craft that had been boarded shortly after it was immobilised. Wearing grey armour covered in unusual markings his flesh had been burnt away from his cybernetic enhancements. Feeling so inclined to grant him a proper buriel they purified his body and brought it back to their battle barge. After swift analysis by Adraunicus he discovered that the space marine was still alive! After repairing his essential systems 'Silver Skull' was deemed to be one of the legendary Eternal Warriors, however even after offering him a great robe of shadow he still insisted on training the Novices and ensuring that his saviours would find their redemption.