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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Upcoming Model Releases

With the new Ogres coming out next month I'm planning on continuing some of my previous series such as The Sprue Review, sharing with you my planned army list and then some how to guides based on what I intend my army to look like.

It's quite likely that I'll be sticking to the classic stony coloured skin instead of the more modern raw flesh look which is all well and good for demonstrating how far 'Eavy Metal have come but it is just not in keeping with (what I at least) believe an Ogre should look like.

With the release of Storm of Magic it also presents me with an opportunity to continue to use my Tomb Kings that I'm currently painting alongside my new Ogre project and pretty much every other army I have which (in keeping with my Yorkshire heritage) I'm dead chuffed with. After all skeletons make everything more awesome and their lack of flesh means they are unlikely to get eaten by ogres which is always a plus.

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