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Monday, 12 September 2011

New direction with my Tomb Kings

Since I've now gained a cheap Wood Elf army I've come up with a plan to kill 2 birds with one stone. The current idea is to do a wood elf army with a storm of magic pact of tomb kings that are painted up and slightly modified to be Barrow Kings. The Tomb kings army will be done now (as it's almost finished) my Ogre army next then finally wood elves.

The story is that the Hordes of Chaos entered Athel Loren to corrupt it and harness it's unpredictable and mysterious power, quick to fight against such desecration the wood elves led by the cunning waywatcher Baequi'Siel came to fight but found they were hopelessly outnumbered. Chaos rampaged mostly unheeded as wretched torrents of twisted magic uprooted the trees and churned the earth.

What they did not expect was for the long dead and forgotten kings of Men and Elves alike to rise again from their slumber and howl with rage at their once beautiful homeland in torment. Uniting with the tired and distraught waywatchers they pushed back the tide, the Eternal guard of King Rethlin'Alai 'The Glade Flyer' and the Barrow Guard of King Hymenopteras 'The Wasp Tongued' marched in formation facing all blows as if they were a gentle glade breeze. The forces of chaos broke ranks and fled but the land they had fouled would never be the same, although small the elves feared for the safety of the rest of the forest and set it apart by surrounding it with warding stones and cleansing song, It was named by the empire as the land of eternal autumn, forever pulling at the souls of the grieving and troubled but offering nought but sombre silence. The Kings and their courts were denied their well earned rest as their burial sites were nothing but churned earth, trapped between worlds they conceded defeat and now stalk the woods preying on those with a grudge against Athel Loren and those who live within.

Baequi'Siel and his waywatchers were tasked with protecting the court of the dead elf and human kings from ill will during their eternal vigil and many years after these events, he still ensures that the restless spirits come to no harm or abuse any more than what they've already endured. Pale and withered, Baequi'Siel and his fellow waywatchers have long since let slip the joy and energy of youth but their souls too seem strangely bound to this place.

As themes go I'm quite pleased, the tomb kings probably won't see much alteration outside of the use of autumnal colours but the wood elves will be painted to have pale almost vampire like skin (think Mannfred Von Carstein) as well as autumn coloured outfits.

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